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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions  

At Frontenac Shores, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible experience for our customers, which includes answering any and all questions that are sent our way.

If you're in need of further assistance, feel free to contact us online or by phone at 1-866-240-5194.

General Questions:

Where is Frontenac Shores?

Ownership & Usage:

Who owns the property?
How long will we own our lakefront cottage?
When can we use our cottage?
Are there regulations concerning the number of people sleeping in my cottage?
Are pets allowed?
Is smoking allowed?
Will we pay annual fees?
Will our annual expenses ever change?
Can we rent our cottage if we are unable to use it?
Can we exchange our weeks?
Can we loan our cottage to friends or family?
Can we sell our one-tenth share of our cottage?

Maintenance & Upkeep:

Can we make changes to the property?
Who takes care of the cottage and property?
How and when is housekeeping and maintenance done?

Waterfront Amenities:

Can we bring our boat?
Are there boats available to use or for rent?
Is there a beach?


General Questions

Q: Where is Frontenac Shores?  (Return)

Frontenac Shores is located on Mississagagon Lake; a completely spring fed premier lake in the heart of Land O’Lakes vacation region. Frontenac Shores is less than 3 hours from Toronto and less than 2 hours from Ottawa located near the quaint village of Cloyne Ontario, making it your ideal vacation retreat.

Ownership & Usage

Q: Who owns the property?  (Return)

Each share entitles you to 5 weeks per year in the cottage of your choice at purchase. Your ownership share is inclusive of the cottages, furniture, fixtures, equipment, clubhouse and other amenities exclusive to this property – including the property itself. This innovative approach makes cottage life more enjoyable and affordable while still providing ownership and control

Q: How long will we own our lakefront cottage?  (Return)

Forever. When you purchase a share and become an owner, you become an owner for life and can pass your ownership on for generations to come! You may also choose to transfer or sell your ownership at any time.

Q: When can we use our cottage?  (Return)

You have exclusive use of your cottage for the weeks determined at the time of purchase. Each share purchased includes four (5) weeks in the cottage of your choice. You may purchase up to seven (7) shares. Your five (5) weeks are divided amongst the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons with an additional floating week. Your summer week is fixed and the spring, fall and winter weeks rotate annually. The choice of floating week also rotates annually.

Q: Are there regulations concerning the number of people sleeping over?  (Return)

Yes. The two bedroom cottages are designed to sleep six (6) and the three bedroom cottages are designed to sleep eight (8).

Q: Are pets allowed?  (Return)

There are cottages designated as “pet-friendly” and also cottages designated as “pet-free” for those owners with allergies or who simply want to vacation in a “pet-free” environment. Strict pet rules, pet areas, and pet-free areas as specified in the owners association bylaws will ensure consideration for both “pet-friendly” and “pet-free” owners as well as the pet.

Q: Is smoking allowed?  (Return)

At Frontenac Shores, all cottages are designated as non-smoking. There are designated outdoor smoking areas outside of your cottage and throughout the resort property.

Q: Will we pay annual fees?  (Return)

Yes. As an owner, you will pay a predetermined annual fee for the maintenance of the cottage, property and amenities. Included in these dues are funds for supplies, maintenance, cleaning, management services, garbage removal, legal/accounting, insurance, utilities, taxes on the property and reserve for replacement and/or refurbishing of the cottage and property, and all other expenses. Annual budgets are submitted by the association manager to the board for approval, then to the owners for ratification at the annual general meeting (AGM).

The expenses in the budget are assessed equitably to each owner based on the number of “Fractions” owned. Even when you include all services associated with carefree ownership, it will still be a fraction of the annual expense of full cottage ownership. That is the essence of fractional ownership – you purchase and maintain only what you use.

Q: Will our annual expenses ever change?  (Return)

Your owners association is a not-for-profit corporation, therefore your expenses are based on the actual cost of maintaining the cottages and property, with an accountant AUDIT and approval at the annual general meeting (AGM) of the owners. Your owners association is able to control the budget and change it if necessary to cover the expenses of maintaining the quality of the cottages, property and amenities.

Q: Can we rent our cottage if we are unable to use it?  (Return)

Yes, there is a rental program for convenient rental run by property management. The split of rental proceeds are 60% to the owner and 40% to property management. Property Management is responsible to ensure that renters abide by all the rules and provide all of the administration for hassle free rentals.

Q: Can we exchange our weeks?  (Return)

If for some reason you are unable to use the week or weeks assigned to you, you can often do an “internal” exchange with other owners at the property. Or if you wish to travel the world you can do an “external” exchange of one or more of your weeks through an affiliation with one of the largest vacation exchange organizations in the world. They offer over 2000 resorts, villas, condos and beach homes in 75 countries for guaranteed convenient exchange within their available inventory. Just deposit and GO!!.

Q: Can we loan our cottage to friends or family?  (Return)

Absolutely. If you are unable to use your cottage, you can let your family or friends enjoy it. You must however, notify your property management in advance of the individuals who will be occupying your cottage and of course, you are responsible to ensure your guests are good neighbours and abide by all the rules.

Q: Can we sell our one-tenth share of our cottage?  (Return)

Yes, after registration, you may sell or transfer one or more of your shares subject to the procedures set out in your ownership documents.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Q: Can we make changes to the property?  (Return)

Not on your own. All of the amenities and common areas are co-owned and available for use by all of the owners. Changes and/or improvements may only be made according to a majority rule or as stated in the cottage owner legal documentation. Most changes would be planned in advance through your owners association management and presented to the association for approval. Your annual fee includes a capital reserve for improvements, maintenance and repairs.

Q: Who takes care of the cottage and property?  (Return)

Property management is set up and is contractually in place, answering to the owners association’s board of directors. The contract is reviewed on an annual basis by the board. Fractional ownership in a cottage resort provides a practical foundation for property management creating an affordable hassle free cottage experience.

Q: How and when is housekeeping and maintenance done?  (Return)

Every week between check-out and check-in, each cottage is completely cleaned, linens changed, inventory checked, etc. so that your residence will be spotless and ready when you arrive. This service will be provided for multiple week stays during this period as well. Grounds maintenance is continuous and there is always a number to call if you need assistance. Major repairs and maintenance are accomplished during the spring and fall maintenance periods.

Waterfront Amenities

Q: Can we bring our boat?  (Return)

Yes. Your property amenities provide enough docking to supply each cottage with a slip for private or rental boats. Frontenac Shores has its own convenient and exclusive boat launch on site.

Q: Are there boats available to use or for rent?  (Return)

Your recreation amenities include canoes, kayaks and paddleboats for use during your stay – at no extra charge. For an extra fee you may reserve and rent motor boats from the property management company.

Q: Is there a beach?  (Return)

Yes. Frontenac Shores is located on Mississagagon Lake with over 2000 feet of shoreline and two natural sandy beaches. For the comfort and consideration of all owners, one beache is designated as pet-free and one is designated pet-friendly.

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