established in 2008


A growing number of consumers are discovering that fractional ownership is a way for you and your family to enjoy the benefits of a lakeshore cottage, literally at a fraction of the cost of a conventional cottage. The flexibility is endless. Traditionally a single family purchased a lakefront cottage and it became the sole destination for friends and family to share in the enjoyment - for a couple weeks a year or a few weekend throughout the spring and fall. Fractional ownership gives year round enjoyment, options for single or multiple shares within a single cottage or across several cottages, eliminating the crowding issues of a single cottage for large families or large circle of friends. No more work at the cottage for the owner - just fun and enjoyment and the creation of fond memories.

Fractional ownership removes the three main barriers to buying a traditional lakefront vacation home: cost, maintenance and time and turns them to your advantage.

The Cost Advantage

Frontenac Shores enables you to own one or as many shares as you need in a full size luxury log home or even across multiple homes on premium waterfont at a fraction of the cost of whole ownership of a single cottage. Why buy the whole pie when you only need 1 piece? Ownership includes a proportionate share of: the property, the cottage, furniture, fixtures, equipment, and other amenities.

As an owner, you can:

  • Loan your cottage to friends and family as long as you notify your property management in advance. You are, of course, responsible to ensure your guests are good neighbours and abide by the rules outlined.

  • Rent your cottage through the rental program conveniently and worry free.

  • Exchange weeks with other owners.

  • Travel the world by doing an “external” exchange of one or more of your weeks through Interval International, one of the largest vacation exchange organizations in the world. Interval International represents over 2000 resorts, villas, condos and beach homes in 75 countries. Easy - just deposit your week and go!! You may book your vacation elsewhere right away or sometime within the next 2 years at a time and place of your choice, subject only to availability within Interval International’s inventory - which is extensive, providing many choices and opportunities for world travel at your convenience.

The Maintenance Advantage

With fractional ownership you can enjoy the benefits of a vacation home with significantly less cost and worry. Each owner pays an annual fee, which takes care of maintaining the value and quality of the cottage and property. You never have to worry about paying monthly bills (hydro, heating / air conditioning, telephone, internet, TV, property taxes and insurance) or about housekeeping, laundry and maintenance of the unit. You can enjoy all the benefits of owning a luxury vacation property on the lake without the stress and worry of upkeep. When you arrive it will be spotless and ready for you! Property management and maintenance is contracted annually, answering to the owner’s association Board of Directors.  

The Time Advantage

The fact is, most wholly-owned vacation properties sit empty for a majority of the year and are subject to large upkeep and maintenance costs. With fractional ownership at Frontenac Shores, you can comfortably balance your actual vacation and relaxation time with an affordable cost of ownership based on the time you wish to use your cottage.

At Frontenac Shores, you have exclusive use of your cottage for the weeks determined by the fixed summer week at the time of purchase. Each share purchased includes five weeks in the cottage of your choice. You may purchase as many shares as you wish within one cottage or spred across several cottages. Each individual 5 week share is divided among the spring, summer, fall and winter with an additional floating week. Your summer week is fixed and the spring, fall, winter and floating week rotate annually.